Experience counts / Puerto Rico / Julio Larregoity

December 09, 2013
Experience counts! Wedding photography is very different from other types of photography, and even though you may have a friend or relative that is an excellent photographer , that does NOT make them a good wedding photographer. 16 y 1716 y 17

An experienced wedding photographer will know exactly when to be in a certain spot to capture the important moments throughout the day while still maintaining a respectful sense of sacredness for your wedding, so that the important moments are captured without turning the whole event into a photo shoot.

I have witnessed hundreds of weddings in PR during his 30 yrs. journey.  This experience is priceless when it comes to capturing the natural, un-posed story of a wedding as it unfolds.

And if you happen to be planning a wedding, Julio’s experience can easily make the difference between a photographer that shows up, and one that doesn’t make it at all.