Mariage requirements for P.R non-residents / Puerto Rico / Julio Larregoity

January 09, 2014


1. What are the residency requirements for marriage? None.

2. What are the documentation requirements? Puerto Rico Demographic Registrar’s Office requires the following documents: (note: all must be valid and original documents).

  • a)Official identification card or passport  from the state or country of residency
  • b)Divorce decree (if applicable)
  • c) Spouse’s death decree (if applicable)
  • d) Affidavit or sworn statement stating:  i. Applicants are not residents of Puerto Rico / ii. The purpose of their visit to the Island of Puerto Rico is to get married / iii.   (in case of foreign residency), applicants will stay in the Island no longer that then period of time established in the visa and/or federal entrance permit to U.S.A. territory.

3. Is a health license required?  Yes, applicants must have a Health License issued on their state or country of residency. Health license must comply with all health and labs requirements in their state or country of residency.

4. To get this license, do I need to see a physician who is a resident practitioner in Puerto Rico?  No.

5. Are civil ceremonies required? Yes, if you want a legal marriage. A locally registered minister or judge is mandatory.

6. Are religious ceremonies required? No, but if you decide to have one, then a civil ceremony with a judge/minister is not necessary.

7. Are there any other requirements? From the day the physician’s certificates are issued, you have ten (10) calendar days to submit all documents to the local demographic registry (including official stamps) and officiate the ceremony.