Sugestions in choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Sugestions in choosing a Wedding Photographer

1. Look for a photographer that you truly like his or her particular style of photography. There are a wide range of styles. The two most popular styles are currently Traditional or Photojournal/Contemporary. Traditional style is all about doing staged poses with very few candids.Photojournalist or Contemporary style is more about capturing undirected, spontaneous emotion and expression to tell the story as it happens with little or no direct photographer involvement. We at Julio Larregoity Photography, offer a proportionate blend of both styles.

2. Look for someone that specializes in and has extensive studies and experience in your favorite style.

3. Look for a photographer that evokes an emotional response from you with their images. View sample photos with your heart as well as with your eyes.

4. Look for a photographer that you really "click" with personality wise. Other than your bride or groom, there is nobody you will spend more time with on your wedding day than the photographer. Make sure it’s someone you can have fun ,feel comfortable and confident with and truly enjoy working with throughout your special day.

5. Set an approximate budget for how much you want to invest in your wedding photography but don’t be afraid to go slightly over if you find the perfect photographer for your specific tastes.

I hope that this notes has helped bring some light for you on the field of wedding photography and will help you making your desition.


Fine wedding photography should stand the passage of time, providing years of memories and joy. We are avaliable to photograph your wedding professionally and artistically , blending a touch of our style and technique with a lot of your own personality and taste. After all, every wedding is different, and yours is the most important one of all!

Talk to the us, discuss your plans and expectations and ask for advice and feedback. To some , weddings seems to be dificult, but the right photographer can help make your day run more smoothly.

Final notes...

*We still have some openings remaining for 2017, and are currently booking for 2018. *Some wedding coverages include Julio Larregoity as your main photographer and another qualified assistant. *A Second Shooter option also is available. *All Wedding Packages include a Digital designed Book with your chosen wedding images. *To the discerning bride who enjoys the timeless look of Fine Art Black and White , an all B&W wedding book may be included in the package . *We have many wedding coverages , also a’ la carte options are also available.


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